Stories of hope

Kakapir School for Boys and Girls 
After spreading awareness about education in the localities of Kakapir, Karachi, and building the school, the lives of hundreds in the community have been transformed. Men and women – young and old – now see their lives in a different perspective.
In the words of sixty-year-old fisherman Gul Mohammad, “My four older sons are illiterate and tag along with me when I go fishing, but Khadija, my daughter, is getting an education because I have become aware of the curse of illiteracy. I cannot count money because I am illiterate and neither can my sons, but she soon will.”

Flood Affectees
When natural disasters bought distress to many, we stood beside them. Severe floods have hit Pakistan in recent years, particularly in 2010, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. We set up medical and veterinary camps,  rebuilt schools and homes, and provided access of water.

Providing Technical Courses 
Under the program of Ilm-o-Hunar we started a skill development program. This gave a platform to many students to learn skills in subjects of interest to them, such as electrical wiring, painting, and technological and computer skills. Hundreds of students have taken part in the programme, providing them with the platform to learn and have hands-on knowledge. It has also given hope to those students who did not receive education at an earlier stage to get a job after passing out from the training program.

Providing Roofs
Our volunteers visited a small Hindu community, where over fifty people were living in mud houses with makeshift mats for roofs. In the monsoon season, these houses fill with water, making them completely uninhabitable. With the help of the community, our team of volunteers put Weather Shield skins on the roofs and secured them to prevent leakages during rain. A total of ten houses were ‘weather-shielded’. It could be said that a roof to live under is the second most important element for life, after food. The people of this village were at peace during the monsoon, as they did not have to face the hassle of removing from their houses.

Patients at Winnington Hospital
Winnington Hospital has brought top-quality healthcare to the people of Khewra. Those who cannot afford expensive doctors and good treatment are very satisfied to be provided with such a facility. In addition, we conduct an eye clinic programme every two months for two days, which is open to the public.

Drinking Water for Khewra 
Water shortages are an acute problem in the outlying areas of the country such as Khewra, and we have tried to meaningfully address this serious problem. This has been achieved at Khewra through the installation of nine community water taps in and around the area of our Soda Ash plant. These water taps are operational round the clock and provide approximately 23,000 gallons of drinking water to residents daily. By installing these water taps, the life of people in Khewra is at peace, as they now have water to drink which is clean and healthy. Prior to this, their health was at risk and they faced many difficulties while doing their daily chores, such as cooking.