Programmes and Initiatives


Distress Management (ہمقدم پروگرام)

In recent years, floods and other natural disasters have bought distress to many of our fellow citizens. The ICI Pakistan Foundation has endeavoured to provide them with basic needs and worked to redevelop their lives.

Balochistan Earthquake Support
A devastating earthquake struck Ziarat in 2008, bringing disaster to the entire city. After the earthquake hundreds of survivors were left homeless and without adequate food supplies or medical support. Read More

Saaf Mahol Taza Hawa

Greener today Greener tomorrow (صاف ماحول تاذہ ہوا)

Protecting and maintaining the environment is becoming a more critical need with every passing day. We run and support a variety of initiatives, both internal and external, in this regard.

Save the Turtle Project

The ICI Pakistan Foundation has been supporting WWF’s ‘Save the Turtle Project’. This programme involves keeping nesting beaches free from litter and debris which endangers marine turtles, educating the local population, and raising general awareness by involving the public in regular beach cleaning efforts. Read More

Zindagi Sehat kay Saath I

Health First (زندگی صحت کے ساتھ)

Pakistan’s large rural population faces a severe lack of adequate health care facilities, and ICI Pakistan Ltd. has always made efforts over the years to combat this serious problem.

Winnington Hospital Khewra (زندگی صحت کے ساتھ)

Our Soda Ash Business has been running the Winnington Hospital in Khewra that not only caters to our employees but also looks after any walk-in patients from the local community. Our hospital offers free routine OPD, free accident and emergency service round the clock, and free medical screening for the community. Read More


The right to learn (علم و ھنر)

Improving education is a prime focus in a developing country like Pakistan. The Foundation supports various schools throughout the country, especially in localities near our operations.

Girls’ primary school at Bararkot (علم و ھنر)

After the earthquake of 2005, we took an initiative to rebuild the lives of many of its victims. ICI Pakistan Ltd and its Foundation funded and constructed a girls’ primary school at Bararkot, near Garhi Habibullah. Our focus in this regard was to bring an element of normalcy back to those whose lives had been shattered by the earthquake.  Read More