News and events


Adding colour to people’s lifeA team of volunteers, along with their children, from the Paints and Polyester Businesses took time out to enthusiastically participate in adding a splash of colour to the LRBT Hospital in Lahore. The shabby look of the main waiting hall was completely transformed when its worn-out white walls were painted with eye-catching shades of yellow, green and blue. The activity was thoroughly appreciated by the hospital staff and patients, as brightening up the hospital space makes the patients’ experience better.

Celebratrion of mother’s dayA group of employees from the Head Office volunteered to visit St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged (known as ‘Maryville’) to spend some time with the aged mothers there and add smiles to their lives on Mothers’ day. The volunteers took along flowers and jasmine bracelets for the mothers. The eldest lady there, Cynthia Page, conducted the cake-cutting ceremony, which was followed by the mothers sharing some of their best memories

With our team and other members of the home. Our effort was highly appreciated,

and the residents expressed their gratitude our team for remembering them on this occasion.

Study tour for the students:
The Polyester Business organised a study tour for students of the Electrical Household Wiring Program to the National Science Museum in Lahore. Besides the usual classroom and workshop training, these study tours provided another source of exposure to the latest scientific developments for these students. 12 students and two trainers visited the National Science Museum, where the museum guide explained the displayed science projects to students and answered their questions.

Volunteering event
We organised a volunteering activity for employees, with Concern for Children (CFC), to paint one of their schools. The school selected for this activity was in Machar Colony, Karachi. An enthusiastic group of 13 people volunteered, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the painting activity. Feedback from participants reflected employees’ views that such initiatives from the ICI Pakistan Foundation should become a regular practice for all employees, as they come to learn a lot more about the community and ground realities of living conditions of a particular area. A big thanks goes to all the enthusiastic volunteers, as it would not have been possible without their support.

Renewing of Tibbiya Harriya school.
Tibbiya Harriya School and the ICI Pakistan Foundation have a long and rich history of working together. It was time to bring back colour into the life of the school and its habitants. The ICI Pakistan Foundation provided the required funds to facilitate the project of painting the whole school and to provide new furniture for the students and faculty. A ceremony was held at the school premises for their Community in which the school’s administration highly appreciated our contribution and hoped for continuing this strong relationship. The school also carried out a dengue awareness session for every one present, which proved to be very informative and well received. Amir Islam (HR Manager, Polyester Business) along with his team represented the ICI Pakistan Foundation volunteers by attending the ceremony.

Training Workshop for teachers at Kakapir:
The ICI Pakistan Foundation has been engaged with the Kakapir community for the last eight years. The Foundation is sponsoring the teachers’ and support staff’s salaries at the schools, where approximately 140 children are enrolled from Nursery to Class V. Due to a dire need for teacher training, we organised a three-day workshop, not only for the Kakapir School teachers, but also for teachers.

Certificate distribution of TEVTA
 A ceremony was held at the Training Center of Polyester Plant to distribute certificates to students of the vocational training course (funded by the ICI Pakistan Foundation) held on a regular basis since its start a year ago. These 11 students participated in a number of training sessions for six months on a basic wiring course. Upon success of clearing this training, these students were awarded with certificates to appreciate their efforts. This program is being funded by the ICI Pakistan Foundation under the skill development ‘Ilm-o-Hunar’ program.


Winnington Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony
An Annual Prize Distribution cer­emony was held at  Winnington School. Ali A Aga (Chairman BOG Winning­ton School) was the Chief Guest on this occasion.

Renewed Hope at Kakapir.Providing education to those who cannot afford, is our prime focus.  As a part of our community development program, For the past six years we have been supporting the Kakapir Government Boys’ and Girls’ Primary School. A social worker residing in the village, Ghani was dismayed by the dwindling number of students and decided to take matters into his own hands. Being associated with ICI for a number of years as the caretaker of the ICI huts on Sandspit, he approached the ICI Pakistan Foundation to help him. A certificate distribution ceremony was organized by the ICI Pakistan Foundation in collaboration with Fisher folk Development Organization (FDO) to encourage the area’s residents to send their children to school and to recognize the five graduating students, all girls! This was a great achievement for the residents living there. The school was abuzz with activity as the community gathered for the award ceremony. Children dressed in colorful costumes performed a number of plays and sang songs while their parents, seated on straw mats, cheered at the performances with pride and pleasure. The crowd was taken a back with the display of talent by the kids.

Asif Malik (Vice President HR and Life Sciences Business) was the chief guest of the event, arriving before the start of the event and cheering every effort by the kids throughout the event. He awarded the top achievers with shields, other graduating students with certificates and mementoes and teachers with gifts as tokens of appreciation. Asif Malik, representing our ICI Pakistan Foundation in the end of his speech vowed to continue supporting the school in future and remembered Ghani’s efforts in reviving the school. Photography by Zoral Naik. (an Indus Valley student) and Rahat Rafiq.